Waiver of claims

Waiver of claims, exemption from liability, refraining from claims recovery and permission to use audio and video recordings and photographs.

I acknowledge, accept and agree to the following with respect to my participation as a participant in the “IRON RIDER CHALLENGE®” (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”):

During the Event, I undertake to comply with the road traffic regulations in force at the Event venue.

I am aware that there is a risk of injury or death related to the Event, in particular due to inattention, fatigue, or non-compliance with the road traffic regulations or related regulations, whether by me, other participants in the Event, or other persons, vehicles and circumstances.

I affirm that, as of the time of the event, I am fully healthy and well aware of the fact that this is an endurance Event that has high demands on the human body.

After receiving all the information about the Event in my capacity, I (the undersigned) knowingly, voluntarily and willingly accept all these risks, even if they result from negligence, act or omission of the persons exempt from liability, and assume full responsibility and accept all risks associated with my participation in the Event.

I knowingly and voluntarily agree to comply with all the stated and specified terms (which have been made available to me) regarding participation in the Event.

However, if I observe an unusual or significant risk during my participation in the Event, I will refrain from participating or from continuing to participate and will notify the Event organizer without delay.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, I, on behalf of me and my Charge, WAIVE THE CLAIM, EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY AND REFRAIN FROM CLAIMS AGAINST THE ORGANIZER OF THE EVENT “IRON RIDER CHALLENGE®”, which is the company “events4riders s.r.o.”, RN: 07187947, as well as against individual owners, employees, contractual partners, representatives, media partners, cooperating organizations, sponsors, or health care providers, any of the above (hereinafter referred to as the “Persons Exempt from Liability”), IN RESPECT OF ANY LEGAL DISPUTES, CLAIMS OR LOSSES AND ANY INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH OR LOSS OR HARM TO PROPERTY OR HUMAN HEALTH, AND IN RELATION TO MY PARTICIPATION OR PARTICIPATION OF MY CHARGE IN THE EVENT, WHETHER ARISING FROM NEGLIGENCE OR WILFUL ACT OF PERSONS EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY OR OTHER CAUSES.

I affirm and confirm in my capacity (unless otherwise stated below) that as a Participant:

  • I am over 18 years of age and rightfully competent to legal acts;
  • I am an authorized holder of a driving licence category corresponding to the motorcycle on which I will participate in the Event;
  • I am not ill, injured, suffering from other ailments or affected by substances that exclude driving, for these aspects could affect the safety of the participants in the Event;
  • I am physically fit and well prepared to participate in all Event-related activities;
  • I confirm that as a Participant, I am aware of and know the risks related to participating in the Event and that I participate voluntarily.

The Persons Exempt from Liability reserve the right, at their option, to postpone, cancel or change the Event due to weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the control of the Persons Exempt from Liability and which may affect the health or safety of the Participants. If the event is cancelled or restricted, the Event organizer is not obliged to return the registration fees to any Participant.

I give my permission in my capacity to the Persons Exempt from Liability to use, reproduce, sell, disseminate and distribute any photographs, images, video and other recordings, or any other representation of me, as a Participant, during participation in the Event or related activities, for any reasonable purpose and repeatedly, and I acknowledge that the Participant shall not be entitled to any compensation in connection with the above. 

In addition, I grant the Persons Exempt from Liability the irrevocable and unconditional permission to filming, video recording and recording of the Participant’s performance at the Event, and to subsequently disseminate, broadcast, sell, distribute, and further use them as the Persons Exempt from Liability see fit. This permission must include the granting of unlimited and irrevocable rights to the Persons Exempt from Liability, without any compensation to the Participant, to use, reproduce or broadcast the Participant’s name, nickname, image, representation, voice, photograph, facsimile signature and biographical information in connection with the Event. 

I confirm that the Persons Exempt from Liability acquire an unrestricted worldwide right to exercise copyright, to use, reuse, publish, re-publish, broadcast and otherwise distribute the representation or information of the Participant, and any part of the Event in which the Participant may appear, in all radio, network, cable and local TV programmes, in any printed material or in any other format or on a different medium (including electronic data media) that are known or will be discovered in the future, repeatedly and without compensation to the Participant.

In exchange for the right to participate in the Event, the Participant exempts the Persons Exempt from Liability from liability and undertakes not to exercise any present or future claims against them regarding the Participant’s participation in events organized by Persons Exempt from Liability, including this Event, both by the Participant and their inheritors, successors, spouses, partners, executors and closest relatives.

If any provision of this Waiver of Claims, Exemption from Liability, Refraining from Claims Recovery and Permission to Use Images (“Undertaking”) becomes invalid or unenforceable by decision of the competent court, then all other provisions of this document remain unaffected to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


Is not possible to return or change paid entry fee.