What is Iron Rider Challenge

IRON RIDER CHALLENGE® is an ultimate 24-hour endurance ride for all motorcycle riders of any brand. One place is the start and also the finish of each lap. One lap is 100 km long. In total, it is necessary to complete 11 laps.

What kind of motorcycles is the challenge for?

IRON RIDER CHALLENGE® is for all motorcycle riders of any brand. Engine capacity, power or make of the motorcycle do not matter.

Is it a race against time?

IRON RIDER CHALLENGE® is not a speed race! It is an extreme test of endurance and courage that only the most determined ones are willing to take voluntarily. It does not matter whether you finish first or last, but whether you make it!

What is the course of the challenge?

In the first lap we ride together. The following laps can be completed individually or in separate groups. At the start, you receive a roadbook. Roadbook is for recording the completed laps. There is a time window for each lap in the roadbook which you need to observe. This way we control your speed with regard to safety, necessary rest, refreshments and refilling your motorcycle. If you are too fast, which we try to avoid, we will let you start another lap only after the minimum specified time elapses. On the other hand, if you are late and miss the maximum allowed time, your challenge ends and only those laps you completed in the assigned time windows will be recorded. IRON RIDER CHALLENGE® takes place in any weather!

Why should I try?

The goal of this unique motorcycle event is to bring together all true motorcycle enthusiasts without distinction. IRON RIDER CHALLENGE® comes with a promise of exciting adventure, new friendships and unique experience. All of this with the emphasis on safety.

How much is it?

Entry fee is EUR 40. For your money, you will automatically get a roadbook and this year's challenge T-shirt in the selected size. After completing 5 laps you get a patch. After completing 8 laps you get a 800 km marker to go with the patch. After reaching the end, that is completing all 11 laps, you get a 1100 km marker and an IRON RIDER CHALLENGE® pin! So, good luck and go for it!


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